Cord Area of Spanichi Farms

10:07 PM
This is the cord area of Baby's farm. He has a very well tended farm that is beautiful and also very clean.
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Cord Area of Noli Monares

12:07 AM
This is the cord area of the breeder Noli Monares from Bulacan, one of the 3 members who took the solo championship of the Bakbakan 2007 10 stag derby.

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Cord Area of Atit Ong

3:24 PM

This is the cord area of 2006 CVBA Breeder of the year Mr Atit Ong located in Mandaue City. One thing I noticed when I visited his farm is that his roosters in his cord area very well bodied and have the physique of athletes.
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TSR Game Farm of Boboy Rodriguez

8:47 PM
Cord Area of TSR gamefarm of Mr Boboy Rodriguez
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Cord Area of Maribrid Farms

5:19 PM
Maribrid Farm of Dr Butch Yabut & Dr Ding Cajulis, very close friends of mine uses old drums for their teepees. They also use a very high roost which is about 6 feet or even a little higher.

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Cord Area of Mr Otic Geroso

5:13 PM

I recall the first time I was able to visit the cord area of Mr Otic Geroso. He had regular concrete teepees and planted 1 tree beside it. When the tree got tall enough he removed the concrete teepees and just placed a roost which is about 6 feet in height at the trees he planted and this is the result. I even said that he needed tall handlers to be able to pick up the roosters from a very high roost.
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Pit & Cockhouse of Mr Lance de la Torre

5:11 PM
This is the beautiful pit and cockhouse that my good friend Lance de la Torre had added to his already beautiful farm.

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Cord Area of Juancho Aguirre

5:09 PM

This is the cord area of Mayor Juancho Aguirre located in Lunao. He uses a concrete teepee design that is corrugated. According to Mayor, this offers a rigid design but does not consume that much concrete compared to the traditional concrete teepees.
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Cord Area of Mr Jojo Oquias

5:03 PM

The cord area of Mr Jojo Oquias of Cebu is very well tended and actually looks like a golf course.
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